Saturday, December 12, 2009

The main reason for us to start using coupons is to lower our spending and save more. We want to have a nicely built emergency fund as well as money for big budget items. Our goal is to pay cash for everything. While working toward this goal, I am doing a lot of reading about finances and here are some articles that I enjoy.

How To Cook More, Eat Out Less

One great tip from this article is the tip to not buy cookbooks. A few months ago, I tossed ALL of my cookbooks except for one favorite from a locally owned restaurant. I'm able to go to many websites on the internet and find pretty much any recipe I need. If that recipe becomes a favorite, it goes into our "family cookbook" that we made from a photo album.

6 Powerful Strategies for Paying Down Debt

The First Step Towards Getting Out of Debt

I love The Simple Dollar blog. I have read and re-read many of his posts. One day, I'll be brave enough to comment! Trent's blog is what really got me started thinking about my personal finance. In fact, I'm going to throw another article out there by Trent at The Simple Dollar.

Breaking Down the Numbers on Why Frugality Works

How to Minimize Bank Account Fees

Household Budgeting Made Easy

Hope you enjoy these blog articles! Do you have any favorites that you'd like to share?