Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So, Is It Love?

Not in the beginning, no. Today is the one month anniversary of my affair with couponing and saving on groceries, personal care items, and oodles of other things.

This is a developing relationship. Learning how to play the coupon game is challenging, but can also be very rewarding. Of course, there are limitations. First, I'm in Florida which is the Land of No Doubling. Apparently, there is not enough competition in the grand state of Florida to make stores want to be more competitive. Then, you have clerks and managers who don't know the coupon policies of the store that they work in.

**Tip - Carry the coupon policies of each store where you shop. I carry mine in my coupon binder and whip it out if/when needed. Some stores update their policies frequently so you might want to check their website once every couple of months to see if anything changed.

So it begins... Here I will blog my relationship with coupons and see if we are a fit. From my perspective, I think we are. It just takes time and patience, just like any relationship.